My art career began at age 4 with a crayon drawing for the refrigerator repairman. And the compulsion to create has not let up.

My artistic practice draws inspiration from the natural and built world we live in. I am drawn to pattern, texture, mark-making and saturated color. The vignettes I create are meant to represent an idealized sense of memory or place. Void of people or animals, I want the viewer to experience what I did in that location, a sense of timelessness and a moment of quite in a busy world. A peek towards an interior can offer a welcoming sense of respite. And rural locales can force one to see an idealized setting in the absence of the manmade.

These views are taken from first hand observations and are most often sketched on site, photographed, redrawn, cut into a sheet of battleship linoleum, the surface rolled with thin layers of oil based ink and printed on white Rives BFK. Once dry, the edition is hand colored with watercolor. Editions are kept small, in order to maintain the inherent value of the piece.